BusinessWeek's Jon Fine reports that New York owner Bruce Wasserstein may be in the running to break out a dollar bill and buy BusinessWeek. [BW]
• ESPN banned New York Post employees from appearing on the network yesterday after the paper ran (blurry) pics of a nude Erin Andrews. [AP]
• Will will happen with McKinsey consultants now infiltrating Condé Nast? How should you behave if you work there? Some answers and tips. [NYM, Gawker]
Martha Stewart loves Twitter, doesn't particularly care for Facebook. [TDB]
• Kate Major, the Jon Gosselin-loving, publicity-seeking reporter for publicity-seeking Star magazine, has resigned from the junky tabloid. [Star]
• Ad revenue fell precipitously, but the New York Times Co. reported second-quarter profits of $39.1 million, up from $21.1 million a year ago. [NYT]
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• America's most trusted newscaster? That would be Jon Stewart. [Time]

Jann Wenner is standing by Mike Steele as the new editor of Us. [Gawker]
• Can Tim Armstrong fix AOL? It's an uphill battle, that's for sure. [NYT]
• Disney says it may begin charging for online content. [THR]
• Javier Bardem has turned down a role in the Wall Street sequel. [Forbes]
• Wendy Williams is quitting her radio show to focus on her TV show. [NYT]
• Fox's decision to air crappy reality programming instead of President Obama's press conference last night? It ended up paying off. Sigh. [THR]