Though you were, as usual, somewhat divided, the majority of you seemed to think that yesterday's singer with a stealing husband was poor old Ashlee Simpson. Would serve her right, in my estimation. Anyway, today we have a tiny singer who's scared of getting caught with drugs, a reality show couple who's just pretending to be a couple (gasp!), and an actress dating a married man. 1) "Which pint-sized crooner recently stood up his date because he was too scared to drive into Canary Wharf? The star feared the area's tight security would sniff out his drugs." [Mirror] 2) "This reality show couple who basically makes a living being a couple is not really the couple they pretend to be. It seems that not only do the couple not sleep together, most of the time they do not even sleep in under the same roof. Can't stand each other, but suffer through pretending for the sake of the money. Not who you are thinking. Think bigger." [CDaN] 3) "This actress has finally landed a married man. She tore her way through married actors, singers and athletes, and now she’s got her married man. He’s so smitten that he’s ready to go public. He has already bought his mistress a condo." [BlindGossip]