• Why did Janice Min leave Us? It was about money, reports WWD, which explains that given the economy, Jann Wenner wasn't prepared to offer her the $2 million a year she's been collecting. Min is denying it. [WWD, NYDN]
Dan Rather’s $70 million lawsuit against CBS is back on track. [NYT, WSJ]
• McKinsey has been retained by Condé Nast to do the sort of "rethinking" and "realigning" that the consulting firm gets paid enormous sums to do. And while it isn't the first time McKinsey has been in the building—they were hired by Condé in 2001—this time employees are totally freaking out. [NYO]
• One title that is doing well: Food Network Magazine, apparently. [CNY]
• ESPN's Erin Andrews was secretly videotaped in the nude while staying at a hotel. Now an ESPN employee is said to have been behind it. [NYDN, AP]

• Sam Raimi is directing a movie based on the World of Warcraft game. [NYT]
• The downturn isn't having much of an impact on Apple: The company announced sales were up 12 percent for the most recent quarter. [BN]
• Moving to the web is a very "difficult" transition for old-media types who are in their 50s to make, explains Tina Brown, age 55. [ChiTrib]
• Morgan Spurlock is going back to the well and released an "original graphic novel" that will serve as a companion to Supersize Me. [THR]
Lou Dobbs is still the same racist blowhard he's always been. [LAT]