A rumor circulated on Friday that most-popular-actor-in-the-world Will Smith once employed the services of a discreet Hollywood madam. A madam who supplied him with men. The Will Smith gay rumors have been tossed around for years, his entree into professional closet-locker religion Scientology the latest to fuel the whispers. But this particular tidbit? We're not so sure about it. Why would Smith bother to create a paper trail like this? I mean, as the whole Heidi Fleiss fiasco proved, Hollywood stars are willing to drop major coin at a high-class brothel. But those were just chucklehead straight dudes like Charlie Sheen. No one was really shocked. In this instance, though, we're talking about Will Smith. Lady-wooing, ass-kicking, humanity-saving Will Smith. It would be much easier for him to discreetly pick up a fella at a club or, heck, even find someone online than it would be to involve the whole middleman of a bordello. I was watching that horrid documentary Hookers at the Point yesterday (nothing else was on) and, you know, the girls were talking about how guys go to hookers because there is that illicit thrill, that fear of being caught. But that's with street walkers blowing you in your parked Crown Vic, not sensual liasions with "high class" call-boys. The latter just seems a little too out there in the open—what with money exchanged and all—than would be comfortable for Will f'ing Smith who, sadly, could stand to lose a lot if his sexuality was in question. Sure there's an argument to be made that one pays for discretion when using an escort service, but with a random money-free hook-up, the star would most likely have more deniability than he would if there were "Client No. 9"-style records of the various transactions. Unless there were photos. All things considered, we don't quite believe this lascivious hissing. This anonymous madame lady may, you know, just be trying to drum up some business. By, um, supposedly outing one of her clients? Ur doin it rong!1!