Brr, it's cold in here. There must be some blind items in the atmosphere. (I apologize.) But seriously, it is cold this morning and there are a bunch of blind items. After the jump we have a TV star secretly dating not one but two dudes, a cradle robbing A lister, a TV show ruining America's reputation abroad (even more), crazy models, a nasty divorce, and a pop star who's about to be outed. 1) "Which handsome TV pin-up is secretly seeing two guys behind his unsuspecting girlfriend's back? The trio have been enjoying a string of sordid romps during breaks in filming." [Mirror] 2) "So, earlier this week, we had an A lister who was spotted ignoring his companion. Well,, the reason he may be ignoring her is that he is having a thing with a VERY much younger than him C list film actress who co-stars in a brand new film that stars a guy from one of my favorite television shows." [CDaN] 3) "This is an unusual one. Just the name of a show rather than a person. What brand new television show, filmed outside the US, has pretty much ruined it for all companies that want to film there in the future. The reason? The crew working the show had never been treated as badly in terms of verbal abuse, lack of respect and working conditions. In addition, a local girl was severely burnt in the face and upper body when a light exploded on set. By way of compensation she was offered a job in a city 300 miles away from the village where she has lived her whole life. Obviously she could not do it, and the production company just didn't care. It gave her one option, and one option only." [CDaN] 4) "What singer and I use that term loosely is running out of money fast? The reason? Her fairly new husband is now acting as her business manager and using her bank account as his own personal ATM. In the short time they have been married she has lost almost $5M all because of him." [CDaN] 5) "Bar staff at one Mayfair hotel were treated to the sight of which supermodel getting very drunk and flirty in the bar? She started to lunge at the cutest boys behind the bar to try and drag them up to her room but was escorted out by management when things got really out of hand." [BlindGossip] 6) "Which divorce will get even more complicated when multiple affairs are uncovered? Everyone thinks that one party was primarily responsible because they were out of control and having an affair. The truth is that BOTH were having affairs. The couple wants to hustle the divorce process along, but once the paramours start coming out of the woodwork and talking, it’s going to get very complicated and very ugly and very expensive." [BlindGossip] 7) "Which supermodel of yore is now a complete alcoholic? This is something of an improvement as a visitor to her house once noted that there were loads of wraps of coke lying around her house, some within easy reach of her toddler! No, it isn’t the one you think." [BlindGossip] 8) "We thought the days when it was normal for the tabloids to “out” male pop stars was about over. And yet we hear that one of the [tabs] is looking to do just that. It’s sad to think that the sexuality of a star of teen pop and musical theatre is that interesting or surprising. Let’s hope they change their minds." [BlindGossip]