Yohana Banda, the biological father of Madonna's Malawi-born adopted son David, is worried about the tot's future now that David's crazy pop icon mother seems to relish fighting an ugly divorce battle in public. "I am still a poor farmer with nothing to offer, but maybe he would be better off back with us," Mr. Banda said. David's biological mother died in childbirth, and Banda, 34, has remarried and lives with his wife Flora, her daughter Tiyamike, 3, and their seven-month-old son Dingiswayo in a thatched hut. Shown a picture of David with Madonna and her manager, Banda said, "He doesn't look happy in this picture. He looks bewildered. If there is no love in the family, is there any love for him? This is a new and terrible thing to happen to him. I am too upset to think clearly. He is only three years old and he has been through so much."

"I have the joy of a new family and I even have a new son. But now when I think of David in danger of living outside a family life I find it unbearable. I find it hard to believe God intended this. "This woman Madonna told me herself that David was beautiful and made her happy and she promised to take good care of him. "Now I see him in a big bewildering crowd in the street with people pushing and shoving, and many cameras around, and without a mother and father to hold his hand. I'm feeling bad for him."

"I was face-to-face with Madonna and her husband for about 30 minutes. I knew nothing about them really. They just seemed a loving couple. "They promised to take good care of him and always remember he was from Malawi. That's why I let them take him. Now I feel let down and disappointed, really shocked. "I thought she would take him away from the danger of malaria and other diseases that kill children here, and that she would let me know that he was happy. "I have never heard from her since the day I agreed to let her adopt David. I suppose she just wants him for herself."

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