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Jared Kushner learns quick. And he's going to blend into the Trump family just fine. WWD reports today that the engagement ring he gave Ivanka was from Ivanka's own collection, a 5.22 cushion cut diamond that's "proprietary" to Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry™. Ivanka will now serve as a living, breathing ad for her engagement ring line (as well as benefit from the press attention that follows). And Jared—hopefully!—managed to knock a few bucks off the price thanks to this most personal connection. Most importantly:

He's making his future father-in-law and brother-in-law very proud.

When the Donald asked Melania to marry him, he turned it into a PR gold mine for the jeweler Graff, exchanging an appearance on The Apprentice for a ring worth $1.5 million. Don Jr.'s proposal to Vanessa Haydon took place at the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey. It was well worth the trip: Bending down on one knee in front of the Bailey Banks & Biddle jewelry store scored him a $100,000 rock free of charge.

We had some doubts a while back that Jared and Ivanka would be able to overcome their seemingly insurmountable differences and make this relationship last. But now we're convinced. This is one for the ages! Mazel tov!