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Fabiola Beracasa isn't the only social butterfly looking for a little reality TV stardom. (She may be the only one with an actual deal in hand, though.) Fashion Week Daily dropped the news this afternoon that Tinsley Mortimer approached the CW recently about hosting a show about "life as a socialite divorcée"—and the CW passed! (Au contraire, says the Tinz; various networks have been approaching her about doing something, but she's been forced to turn them all down because she values her privacy.)

It's not just Tinz and Fabs fantasizing about having a three-person camera crew accompany them every time they leave the house to buy a pack of gum at Duane Reade.

A couple of rungs down the social ladder, there's Social Life editor Devorah Rose and "actress" Annabel Vartanian (she's the one in green above), who first mentioned they were working on a reality show called "Social Heights" about two years ago. They're still talking about it—and still insisting that it's in the works—although if that's the case, that would suggest that making a show about, well, nothing is taking about the same amount of time as it took director Francis Ford Coppola to shoot Apocalypse Now in the jungles of the Philippines in the mid-1970s, long considered the most disaster-plagued, drama-filled shoot in the history of film and television. Dealing with Devorah Rose can't be easy. But it's got to be easier than facing down a category five typhoon, no?

Last, but certainly not least, is Dolce & Gabbana publicist (and renowned telephony expert) Ali Wise. The Daily reports that the CW has expressed interest in featuring Wise on a new program, although neither the CW or Wise are talking about it. But the CW really doesn't really seem like a fit. Nerd network G4TV? Now that makes much more sense. "Attack of the Ali" has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

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