Making a living in fashion is hard! There are so few jobs and ways to make decent money. The fifth season of Project Runway ended last night. What is to become of those who were aufed? Here's a hint: retail. We have two recent sightings of previous contestants slaving away unglamorously:

October 13: "So i was dragged to Bloomingdale's by my girlfriend yesterday, and who was working on the main floor? Stella B. Zotis from Project Runway! I couldn't believe it. She was wearing the all black uniform the sales-floor girls wear, nametag and all. She wasn't spritzing anyone with perfume, but she might as well have. October 10: "Saw Daniel V. of Project Runway fame not once but twice this evening (7:15 & 11:30), but both times working on the same project: dressing the windows for Virgin Megastore in Union Square. Does this mean he's out of the fashion design game?" May we suggest a career in snarkblogging? That's what I did after accomplishing my very important degree in costume design.