She may have lost her hot fudge virginity recently to a towering ice cream sundae, but Miley Cyrus swears she has yet to round the real bases with her underwear model boyfriend, Justin Gaston. (Which reminds us of that old joke: Q. What's the difference between regular male models and underwear models? A. Ball separators!) All that isn't to say she hasn't been fully supportive of his career, however, clapping wildly as her man struts down the runway, showing off the latest advancements in 2(x)ist's proprietary JunkFlex™ technology. But according to some eyewitnesses at a recent LA Fashion Week event, Cyrus got a little carried away, exposing her tongue suggestively (see photo) and plotting a hot night of bible-passage-exchange with her beau following the show. Page Six reports:

According to an eyewitness, Gaston and Cyrus - who was there with her mother, Leticia, and her manager - "were all over each other backstage." The heat extended to the runway where, every time Gaston walked, he would blow a kiss and wink at his teenage girlfriend, who in turn, "licked her lips seductively as he passed her." The source also overheard a conversation in which Cyrus told a friend that "she was probably staying at Justin's tonight and that they were going to skip the after-party and have a party of their own."

Miley's mother insists nothing of the kind transpired, and that the heart-shaped, Swarovski-crystal-encrusted padlock fastened to the fly of her Virtue-brand chastity jeans remained firmly intact until she returned home—at which point Billy Ray produced the second key to his daughter's purity deposit box, and father and daughter went about their nightly ritual of unlocking her pants, then singing the Lord's Prayer in twangy, two-part harmony.