Yesterday y'all chuckleheads figured that the scruffy actor giving away STDs like Zagnuts on Halloween was either Colin Farrell or Owen Wilson. Both are brave choices and probably both true. Today we have a celebrity who manically calls her Pilates instructor, a former rock star who is going blind, and a celebrity who is keeping his baby under wraps. 1) "Which celeb has a Pilates instructor on 24-hour call for whenever she has a "fat day"? The freak-out sessions usually happen in the middle of the night after a few glasses of wine." [Mirror] 2) "Former A list rock singer. Now, just someone we love to sing with at clubs and see in the odd film cameo is going blind." [CDaN] 3) "Which well-known young black celebrity paid off the mother of his child to keep her quiet? She seduced him and purposely became pregnant. She threatened to go public to alienate his female fans. He shut her up for a six figure sum. The baby is the spitting image of the father, but the public has no idea that this man is the father of any children, never mind this one." [BlindGossip]