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• In news that will delight Jews the world over, it seems Britney Spears is thinking about converting to Judaism. She's been seen wearing a Star of David necklace and has found a rabbi to, like, teach her about stuff, so she's well on her way, clearly. [Sun]
• Lindsay Lohan hasn't been getting too many acting roles what with all her personal problems as of late. But she may have found a way around that: She's starting her own film/TV production company. [THR]
Jerry Seinfeld's rep says he not facing money troubles. But he is doing commercials for "a bank in the boonies of Australia," which can't be a good sign. [P6]
Mariska Hargitay is back on the set of Law & Order: SVU after a mishap earlier this week sent her to the hospital for 13 stitches. [NYDN]
• Publicist Ali Wise was arrested earlier this week for hacking into Nina Freudenberger's voicemail. But she may not be the only victim out there. [P6]

• Ryan Seacrest made $100,000 an episode for his "work" on American Idol last season. But that wasn't quite enough, so he's getting a pay raise. [Reuters]
• Katie Lee Joel is opening a burger joint in the Village. Ex-record exec Charlie Walk will be her partner, along with Sean Largotta of The Charles. [P6]
• Don't try to take a photo of Beyoncé from behind. Just don't, okay? [NYDN]
• The dispute between Leo DiCaprio and his neighbors over his outdoor basketball court has been settled. Phew! [E!]
• Heidi Pratt's newest venture: a dowloadable workout series. [NYDN]
Gwyneth Paltrow is reporting on the state of her bowels. Again. [People]
• Jamie Foxx and Rihanna aren't on the best of terms, it seems. [P6]
• Jeremy Piven is sticking to that whole mercury poisoning story and still won't touch a piece of fish. He's doing lots of yoga instead, though. [NYDN]
• Madonna is hanging out in Paris with the kids right now, in case you're interested. [Sun, Popsugar]
• Actor Edward Furlong and his wife Rachael Bella are divorcing. [NYDN]
• Jim Carrey's daughter is expecting, which means Carrey is about to become a grandfather. [People]
• Morgan Freeman plans to marry his step-granddaughter. Or at least that's what the National Enquirer is reporting this week. [National Enquirer]