Uh oh, the Madonna divorce may be getting ugly and, God bless us all, public. While muscling her way through her Sticky & Sweet show in Boston last night, the Queen of Pop made reference to the "emotionally retarded" when introducing a song about her soon-to-be-ex-husband, film director Guy Ritchie. Which, um, zing? She also opened the show with her tune "Human Nature," which is about not being sorry about things and features the oft repeated lyric "I'm not sorry." Though, she's been hinting at this for a week now. You may remember that last week ol' Madge was in New York, and said cryptically at her concert: "In exactly 29 moves, the Queen will dump the King." She had 29 tour dates left at that point, and I guess she was hoping to keep the gargantuanly expensive divorce (like lots of millions of dollars, or about six pounds) under wraps until her tour ended. But, I guess she was just too giddy about the exciting, shitty news so she made sly and self-important references to it in beloved old Boston and I guess we'll eat it up. A messy public divorce would be just the right thing to take Maddy from her too-comfortable role as fitness-crazed London mommy to bitter, song-spewing, 50-year-old chick from Detroit with scores to settle. Madonna's been way too nice for the past few years. Let's hope that her Beantown outburst means that the bitch is back. [Daily Mail]