DJ AM joined Jay-Z last night for the rapper's performance at the Palladium, handily shattering the world-record recovery time for returning to the stage after nearly burning to death in a plane crash. The concert came one night after the AM's (a/k/a Adam Goldstein) conquering-hero welcome at the Avalon, and mere hours after People nabbed his first interview since the Sept. 19 accident that claimed four lives and also critically burned his friend and flight partner Travis Barker:

After his pal, former blink-182 drummer Barker, flung open the emergency exit door, Goldstein recalls, "I tried to cover my face as I jumped through a fireball. As soon as I hit the ground, I remembered, 'Stop, drop and roll.' So I started rolling." Recovering from the final of three surgeries Goldstein, 35, has undergone procedures to treat his second- and third-degree burns. He says he's coping one day at a time.

More like one gig at a time; he's set to resume his residency at Pure in Vegas next Tuesday, and at this rate we'd almost feel disappointed if he didn't have a complete comeback tour booked by the end of the week. Good luck with that. [Photo: AP]