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• Sharon Stone is denying reports she was detained by the police after she getting into a fight with a flight attendant on a trip to Salt Lake City. Yes, she says, she did get into an argument, but the cops who met her when her plane landed were just there to protect her from hoardes of "autograph seekers." That makes sense! [Independent]
• Count Alex de Lesseps is throwing cold water on the rumor he's reuniting with his wife, "Real Housewife" LuAnn de Lesseps. [P6]
Beyoncé comes out on top of Forbes' new list of top-earning celebs under the age of 30. The triple-threat is estimated to have brought home $87 million over the past year. [Mirror]

• Lindsay Lohan seems to have missed out a major career comeback opportunity: She reportedly turned down a role in The Hangover because she didn't think the script had any "potential." Oh, well. [P6]
• Keanu Reeves says he's looking into becoming a chef. [NYDN]
Kanye West has asked Serena Williams to be his tennis coach. [NYDN]
• Britney Spears wasn't at the Jackson memorial yesterday. She did, however, take her kids to visit the Eiffel Tower and take some time out to tweet about Jackson's death, though, so that's nice. [Sun]
• Producer Brian Grazer's girlfriend, Vietnamese pianist Chosan Nguyen, has an exceptionally dark past: She was once arrested for shoplifting a number of years ago. Not that Grazer is particularly concerned about the news. [P6]
• Shia LaBeouf may play Mark Zuckerberg in the new Facebook film. [NYDN]
• A bunch of "experts" say that the kids of Bravo's NYC Prep may have trouble getting into college as a result of the show, and it may "disrupt" their ability to "lead a normal life." Also: One "expert" says it could ruin their chances of getting accepted into the Americorps program, which is something that we imagine will come as totally crushing news to PC Peterson. [NYDN]