Given the number of other slimy things Christie Brinkley's ex-husband Peter Cook has admitted to doing, no one, not even Cook's own people, is particularly surprised or outraged that a video exists of the architect having sex with his teenaged assistant Diana Bianchi. "Anything is possible," a "source close to [Cook]" told Page Six. Yes, in the wake of Cook being accused by his wife posting nude photos of himself to swingers sites, admitting he masturbated on the internet and after sleeping with a woman he first met at age 15 in a toy store, anything does seem possible. Including, say, a secretly-videotaped striptease, and Cook using some teen ass as a pillow:

Yesterday, we were shown a series of stills from a video depicting Cook and Bianchi, both nude, having sexual intercourse on a brown love seat. They also show Bianchi performing a sizzling striptease down to a pair of black, G-string panties and then to her birthday suit as Cook holds his crotch.
Another shows Cook resting his head on Bianchi's buttocks. It appears the tape was made at Cook's Southampton architectural office without Bianchi's knowledge. But other stills that are apparently not from the video show Bianchi willingly posing topless.

The question now is who is shopping the tape ti the likes of the Post, which reviewed it. Since Bianchi didn't know it existed, and since her lawyer is talking about suing over it, it was presumably shot by Cook or, if source "close to him" is to be believed, someone else with access to his office. Whoever it is better get a move on — the celebrity ex-husband's scuzzy moment in the spotlight is fast drawing to a close.