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You probably thought Lydia Hearst spent her days and nights flitting from party to party and posing nude for European magazines, didn't you? Well, it turns out the oft-nude publishing heiress is pretty up to speed on economic matters as well. Hearst, who appears on the cover of the new issue of Social Life magazine, gave the mag a surprisingly sophisticated answer when she asked what if there was anything in the news that has "piqued" her interest as of late:

Obviously this is the worst financial crisis this country has seen since the 1930's. I think it's human nature to want to point a finger and blame someone for what has happened. But, in this case it is hard to do. Do you blame the government for relaxing lending standards and encouraging every American to own a home? Do you the banks for creating such outrageous mortgage products to take advantage of the economic environment? Do you blame the individuals and families who followed these incentives to borrow beyond their means? Is Wall Street to blame for pushing our financial system to the brink, or are regulators at fault for not reading the signals all along?

Pointing a finger can often be fruitless and ignores the human aspect of this crisis. Blame only gets you so far. People's lives have been ruined. Jobs have been lost, homes have been seized, college funds and retirements have been destroyed. I'm interested more in what can we do to fix the issues on hand.

Are you listening, Tim Geithner? Hearst wants to do what she can to "fix the issues at hand." Sign this girl up and put her to work pronto!