"Nice to see Marissa living large in a sharp economic downturn," snarks a tipster about the latest society outing of Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president in charge of the stuff people actually use, at the opening of Tory Burch's clothing boutique on Union Square's Maiden Lane. His anti-Marissa rant continues:

The regularity with which she appears in the society pages is astonishing, particularly for a Google exec (where this sort of public display of materialism is considered very ungoogley). And despite the materialism, she never manages to pull it off well (this is a common after-work look for her where she pairs a funky/loud top with standard black dress pants, and it rarely works). At least she isn't wearing the same outfit as Sloan.

All true, dear tipster, but last we checked, Marissa has hundreds of millions of dollars in Google stock, a penthouse apartment at the Four Seasons and the nouveau-riche gumption to rent an entire movie theater for her birthday. And we don't. Can the rest of you come up with a better caption? Do so in the comments. The best one will become the post's new headline. Yesterday's winner: kfury, for "Shhh! I'm reading about the keynote!" (Photo by Drew Altizer via SFLuxe)