Today, Entertainment Weekly released images from its upcoming issue devoted to J.J. Abrams's reboot of Star Trek, and featured on the cover were the two clearest looks yet at Zachary Quinto as Spock and Chris Pine as Kirk (what, were Tyler Perry and Winona Ryder busy?). Heroes star Quinto has seemed like a natural to don Leonard Nimoy's ears ever since the casting was announced, but we must admit that this cover gave us pause. Is it the amped-up drag queen eyebrows? Or is it that Quinto, with his severe bob and vacant expression, resembles a Marfan's-afflicted Katie Holmes? Let's do a side-by-side:

Yes, there are some differences: for instance, Holmes has a longer bob, and her eyebrows are markedly more masculine. Then again, it isn't really fair to evaluate the similarity unless we give Quinto a crack at Holmes's signature accessory:

Uncanny! With those enormous sunglasses, Quinto-as-Spock is a dead ringer for our favorite boyfriend jeans lover (someone check his knees to see how far the resemblance goes). Something tells us that the inevitable Star Trek sequel will involve a search for Xenu — if so, beam us on up!