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• Lindsay Lohan will officially celebrate her birthday tomorrow. But it looks like she'll have some extra spending money in her pocket if she decides to buy herself a present. Lohan collected $70,000 to appear at an all-day birthday party in her honor at the MGM Grand last Saturday. [P6]
• A semi-private funeral was held yesterday for Farrah Fawcett. The public wasn't permitted to attend, but a gaggle of photographers was more than welcome. [Us]
• Day 6 of the Michael Jackson mess: No one seems to know who really gave birth to Jackson's kids, no one is totally sure about the final funeral arrangements, and it still isn't clear what drugs he was taking exactly, or who gave them to him. And so on it goes. [Mirror, Sun, TMZ, Us, TMZ]
• On a more positive note, David Gest says Jackson was just another "manly man" who loved women, chowing down at McDonalds, and pursuing his "passion for classic literature." That's nice to hear, isn't it? [Sun]

• Simon Cowell's new contract may earn him as much as $144 to remain on American Idol for another season. [NYDN]
• Meghan McCain hasn't even published her first book yet, but John McCain's daughter has already decided that she's like Hilary Duff to play her. [NYDN]
Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky "have gotten into the habit of taking early-morning weekend walks along Hamptons beaches, picking up garbage left behind by their less conscientious neighbors." Who knew? [P6]
• Ex-supermodel Karen Mulder was arrested in Paris after allegedly threatening to attack her plastic surgeon. [Telegraph]
Heidi Klum's fourth baby will be a girl, it seems. [NYDN, last item]
• Tony Romo says it is not "hard" to put up with Jessica Simpson. It's a big bunch of roses, actually. [People]
• Larry King doesn't fly commercial. So set aside those dreams about one day sitting next to him on a flight from NY to LA for five hours. [P6]