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• An autopsy is scheduled to be performed on Michael Jackson this morning; just when the results will be back isn't clear. Meanwhile, attention is being focused on the drugs Jackson may have been taking just before he went into cardiac arrest yesterday, a "cocktail" that may have included the powerful narcotic Demerol. [AP, NYP, Sun, TMZ]
• Naturally, Jackson's death has led just about every living celebrity to issue a statement, extend condolences, and/or use otherwise clog up Twitter with some sort of thought on Jackson's passing. [People, Mirror, NYP]
• Jackson was reportedly $500 million in debt when he died. [NYP]
• As for how Jackson's kids are coping with the news, they're supposedly "very upset" but "fine," whatever that means. But no one knows who will take custody of them or if Jackson left behind and instructions. [Sun]
• In the meantime, Jackson's fans have been holding vigils outside the hospital where his body is located, outside the Neverland Ranch, and in front of his childhood home in Gary, Indiana, among other places. [TMZ, TMZ]

Non-Jackson related gossip:

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker left a hospital in Ohio with their their newborn daughters yesterday. [People]
• Whitney Port says she's over rocker types. Her new boyfriend is Freddie Fackelmayer, who works in commercial real estate, apparently. [P6]
• The rap star known as Tru-Life has been charged with murder. [NYT]
• Chris Brown is under court orders not to go within 50 yards of Rihanna, although both of them would prefer it that wasn't the case. [NYDN]
• Woody Harrelson was spotted at the Jane Hotel with a group of women who looked like "low-rent call girls." One of them was Zoe Kravitz. [P6]
George Stephanopoulos was supposed to have Joe Scarborough as a guest on his ABC show. But David Gregory wasn't having any of it. [P6]
• Kevin Costner's next role? A commercial for Turkish Airlines, sadly. [NYDN]
Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum are both still alive despite rumors to the contrary. [NYDN]