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Bernie Madoff will be sentenced for his crimes on Monday and he faces a maximum of 150 years in prison. (His lawyer's request of 12 years? Highly unlikely.) What will Bernie need to know when he gets sent off to a federal correctional facility, especially since other inmates may blame him for the economic meltdown as a whole? He'll need to "maintain high visibility," says Larry Levine, an ex-con and consultant to white-collar criminals, who recommends Madoff stay in areas where lots of other people gather. "Do not become confrontational with anybody. Respect people; be polite. Don't borrow anything from anyone. Don't become beholden to anyone," he adds. We'll add one more tip: Buy tons of stuff from the commissary and hand it out to your new friends. It's a proven strategy. That's what Jeffrey Epstein did and he got through his bit just fine. [CNNMoney]