Andy Martin is the guy who invented the magical story of Barack Obama's secret Muslim upbringing. This story still convinces dumb old people, all the time, when they read it in their emails. Then they ask John McCain about it and he is kind of embarrassed but they still believe it, pretty much. Andy Martin is also an insane racist lunatic who used to run for office a lot. In 1986, he ran for Congress from Connecticut. He sent this amazing letter out to voters. If elected, Martin promised to "exterminate Jew Power in America." Because Jews are "schooled in blood sucking and money grubbing from birth." The letter goes on like that at great length. You can read the whole thing at The Smoking Gun! Oh, and Sean Hannity had this guy on his show to talk about Obama's secret Muslim background. Hannity didn't mention the money-grubbing Jews bit. [TSG]