From yesterday's Columbus Day items you guys seemed to think that the rapper with the secret male Asian fetish was Kanye, and that the tycoon about to marry very young was Warren Buffet. Good guesses! Today we have a Hollywood lothario, a reality star who is sleeping around, and the pregnant daughter of a rockstar. 1) "What the hotel concierge is asking this week: One Mayfair hotel nicknamed which Hollywood superstar “Mr. Revolving Door” after the number of girls he was inviting to his room every night? Maybe he’s not gay after all." [Popbitch] 2) "Well that didn't take long. Apparently this reality celebutante is making up for the fact that she had to play the aggrieved girlfriend for so long. Turns out that just about any actor who is above C list has a shot at her which is what our former B list movie actor, and now lucky to get a C part but with some serious name recognition found out. No sex or anything like that, but they did manage to grope each other for 45 minutes in a corner this weekend." [CDaN] 3) "This rock star's daughter didn't wait too long to get pregnant did she? Umm, but who is the dad?" [CDaN]