Let's keep this nerdfight short and sweet — no, make that bitter: New York-based blogger/consultant Allen Stern thinks New York-based videogame designer Charles Forman is jejune and uninteresting. Forman thinks Stern is fat. In a predictably deleted comment on Silicon Alley Insider, Forman rails at Stern for complaining about his frequent appearances at the New York Tech Meetup. Here's Forman's counterpoint:

Charles Forman (URL) said:Oct. 13, 5:59 PM I don't like my name being dropped this many times without a picture of my pretty face attached. Ah yes. The alley insider is up to rousing rabble for page views from my Google Alerts? Awesome. What's this? Detective Retardo is on the case - the champion of the underdog, and the morbidly obese? Totally fucking awesome. Did I fail to entertain you? Did I fail to show something interesting? Of I spent 2 days preparing my presentation so everyone wouldn't be bored to death. I doubt there has been another presenter that has put as much love into their presentations as I have. Do you not understand what we am trying to do? Of course you do. You know how difficult and truly amazing it is. I think the real problem is that you are jealous of my ability to run a mile in under 3 days. Maybe its that I date hot girls? Honestly, I don't understand how your beef with me - or your petty, passive aggressive approach. If you have a problem with fairness, why aren't you paying $20? You very realistically take up 2 seats. Seriously, if you have such a problem, why don't you just do your own democratic tech meetup and watch as no one shows up? You are a sad, lonely, disgusting man. I hope you don't die of a coronary before we have a chance to patch things up. *Kisses*

(Photo of Forman by Charles Forman)