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• It looks the end of the line for Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle and husband Eric Villency, the heir to a furniture store chain founded by his grandfather and occasional TV presence. It's Guilfoyle's second high-profile break-up. Her first husband was San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. [P6]
Sean Avery and model Hilary Rhoda were spotted "getting cozy" the other night. [P6]
• Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson's sidekick on The Tonight Show for more than three decades, has died at 86. [NYT, People]

• The couple you really wish you'd never heard of—that would be Jon and Kate Gosselin, of course—have announced they're splitting up. Unfortunately, this probably won't be the last you've heard of either of them. [NYDN, Us]
• Perez Hilton was beaten bloody by Black Eyed Peas manager Polo Molina the other night after Hilton called a bunch of names. Now Molina has been arrested and Hilton says he plans on filing a lawsuit. [P6, NYDN]
• Madonna's newly-adopted Mercy is being sequestered in the "cocoon" of the singer's London townhouse, so she can "adjust to her new life." [P6]
• Paris Hilton's bodyguards reportedly discovered "a secret recording device hidden in her private hotel suite in Dubai." Thank God she has a team to sweep her rooms for bugs, huh? [DE]
• Farrah Fawcett is back in the hospital. In the meantime, arrangements are being made so her son Redmond can leave jail to visit her. And "longtime love" Ryan O'Neal now says they plan to get married, too. [Us, Cindy Adams]
• Lindsay Lohan was ticketed the other night by Los Angeles cops for being a little too loud at her Hollywood Hills home. [TMZ]
• Candy Spelling is denying allegations she fired employees at her home who complained about being overworked and underpaid. [TMZ]
• Amy Winehouse is thinking of remaining in St. Lucia and bidding goodbye to England forever. The nation will be mourning that loss, no doubt. [NotW]