Actor Tobey Maguire has had another confrontation with the ever-dogged paparazzi, this incident ending in bloodshed. Apparently, his friend punched some photographer and was hauled off to jail. This is the second such outburst for the Spider-Man star, but he's not the only one to lash out at the wicked, prying photogs and their gaggle of flashing lights and inane questions. After the jump take a took at five other celebrities who have stood up and barked "No!" at the insidious rabble.

5) Ocean's 12 Driving Offenses Both Julia Roberts and George Clooney—arguably two of the biggest stars in the whole wide world, next to Allah and Rihanna of course—have both had motorcade meltdowns involving pursuing photographers. George Clooney firmly yet diplomatically admonished some snappers when he got in a motorcycle accident, saying: “You can drive all you want, you can take my picture all you want, but what you cannot do is put people in danger.” Which makes sense! Julia went a bit against George's advice and incited a motor chase with a paparazzo to yell at him about filming on private property. Crusade on, you hundred-millionaires! 4) Matt Dillon Hates Children

3) Hit Me Baby Over and Over Again Britney Spears—the popstar who descended upon this Earth to teach us of cosmic things like quasars and supernovae and of death and rebirth and of flowers and soil and of airplanes and bright, bright lights—has had an odd relationship with the paparazzi. Sometimes she seems to court their attention, coyly opening her car window and saying cryptic things. Other times she's frustrated with them. And other times she's very mad and attacks people's property with umbrellas and things. A volatile cocktail of unpredictability, that one! I guess you could make the argument that they have a strange symbiotic relationship, and that one couldn't exist without the other and that they'll continue on with their eternal, enraging dance until both are destroyed.

2) And I Will Fix Your Red Wagon Chris Martin—singer of Coldplay, father of Apple, husband of Gwyneth—has had several beatdown happenings with the lascivious lensers. Including the time he served some nasty British fisticuff orphan gruel to a prying photographer, while his willowy wife was in hospital for some unknown ailment. We've seen the fellow strutting down Soho streets many times ourselves, and he always seems pleasant enough. I guess he's just got strict beliefs about photographic soul-stealing.

1) Into the Wild Actor's Privacy Sean Penn, the brooding cigarettes-and-coffee-voiced actor from Mystic River and other somber downers, has a long history of gettin' up in paparazzi grill. There were his scuffles back in the days when he dated Madonna, then an incident at his brother's funeral, of all places. Many of Penn's little "incidents" seem earned on the photogs' parts but sometimes... Well, let's just say that one time like 20 years ago he found a guy in his hotel room and hung him by his ankles out the window of the 9th floor suite. Yikes. Plus, um, there are lots of others too! Everyone hates the paparazzi! Except for Kim Kardashian. She loves them.