New York Times reporter David Rohde, who was held hostage in Afghanistan for seven months, managed to escape on Friday night. The Taliban had reportedly been seeking $25-30 million in ransom; the newspaper, meanwhile, is rumored to have offered $5 million for his safe release. [NYT, AP, ABC, CQ]
• The negotiations in Boston continue: The Boston Globe and its largest union are close to an agreement on wage and benefit cuts. Or so they say. [BG]
• Ratings for The Fashion Show haven't been great (and Project Runway is fast approaching), but Bravo execs say they're pleased with the results. [NYT]
• Disney's The Proposal topped the box office this weekend, pulling in $34.1 million and knocking The Hangover into second place. [THR]

Shepard Smith doesn't appear to fit the Fox News mold, as the stream of hate email appears to attest, but his nightly show is having its best year yet. [NYT]
• Speaking of Fox News, Gawker's John Cook finally managed to get a chance to ambush Fox News's in-house ambusher Jesse Watters. [Gawker]
• Days away from the start of shooting, Columbia Pictures has pulled the plug on Steven Soderbergh's Moneyball starring Brad Pitt. [THR]
• Paramount is banking on Lorenzo di Bonaventura to come through this summer: The studio's entire movie schedule rests in his hands. [NYT]
• Bobbie Battista left CNN eight years ago. What's she doing now? She's an anchor for The Onion's video site, in case you've missed it. [NYT]
• The world's most expensive magazine, Nomenus Quarterly, is now more expensive than ever: A single issue will run you $6,500. [NYT/The Moment]