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• This is a bizarre one: Two police chiefs in Ohio are now under investigation for allegedly breaking into the home of the surrogate mom hired by Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick in an effort to dig up dirt on the woman, which they then planned to sell to the tabloids or use to blackmail the couple. [Us, E!, NYDN]
• Madonna is gearing up for the arrival of baby Mercy. Gwynnie is helping to decorate and Mercy's room will supposedly feature "porcelain dolls, antique teddy bears, a library of leather-bound children's books and ancient maps of Africa to adorn the walls." [Sun]
• It looks like Lindsay Lohan is off the hook for that $400,000 jewel heist the other day. So at least there's one thing looking up for her. [NYDN]

• Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are supposedly furious that they've been replaced on the covers of weekly tabloids by Kate and Jon Gosselin. [P6]
• Alexa Ray Joel says she wasn't at all surprised to hear her dad was splitting up with wife Katie Lee. Join the club. [Us]
• Not everyone in St. Lucia is so happy that Amy Winehouse has called the island home the past few months. A former government official called her a "tattooed reptile" and said she's a "menace" to St. Lucian society. [DM]
50 Cent went on a $33,000 shopping spree at Tom Ford. [P6]
Kelis is asking Nas for $20,000 a month for "baby supplies." [NYDN]
• Gay groups expressing concern over stereotypes in the new Bruno movie, asked the filmmakers to run a disclaimer at the end. They said no. [E!]
• Stephanie Pratt says The Hills turned her into a bulimic. [Us]
• Dylan Ratigan is supposedly ruffling feathers at MSNBC and he hasn't even started his new job at the network yet. [P6]
• Police investigators now say the cause of death of Mia Farrow's brother was suicide. [Us]