An Alaska Superior Court judge sided yesterday with that Republican activist who sued Sarah Palin to force her to produce emails from private accounts like Yahoo, which she may have been using to conduct government business. Ooopsie! "Palin has occasionally used private e-mail accounts to conduct state business, and her Yahoo accounts were hacked last month. The hacking of Palin's private account was significant because it showed that using private e-mail accounts to conduct state business would be vulnerable to being exposed." "The judge ordered the attorney general to contact Yahoo and other private carriers to preserve any e-mails sent and received on those accounts. If the e-mails were destroyed when the accounts were deactivated, he directed state officials to have the companies attempt to resurrect the e-mails." Actual maverick Andree McLeod, who brought the suit against Palin, said, "We shouldn't be in a position where public records have been lost because the governor didn't do what every other state employee knows to do, which is to use an official, secure state e-mail account to conduct state business." [HuffPo] Yesterday was just not good for Palin, as it was also the day that an investigation by the Alaskan legislature concluded that she did in fact abuse her powers as Governor in the Troopergate scandal.