After a couple of stellar installments spotlighting Kim Kardashian's bad driving and Ryan Gosling's puke aversions, we've been experiencing a bit of a drought on the PrivacyWatch front. And as much as we appreciate this week's contributions — from Sharon Stone's grocery adventures to Nick Nolte's post-traumatic mocha therapy — we have to say: We are thisclose to discontinuing this feature unless we get some motherfucking sightings up on this motherfucking plane. So! For what we hope isn't the last time: Hollywood PrivacyWatch is produced by Defamer readers for Defamer readers, so keep sending us your tips with "PrivacyWatch" "or "sightings" in the subject line. There's no "u" in "surveillance" for nothing. Meanwhile, in addition to Ms. Stone and Mr. Nolte, this installment includes Miley Cyrus, Elijah Wood, Jerry O' Connell, Mario Lopez, Tom Cavanagh, Hank Azaria, Milo Ventimiglia, Joel Madden, and more. Onward!Thursday, Oct. 9 · Rock N' Roll Ralphs on the late night. A sour-faced MILO VENTIMIGLIA enters looking ever the dick in a white shirt and black slacks. This guy is miniscule. I don't know if that's why he was pissed off or what. Maybe his First Communion rehearsal didn't go so well. Wednesday, Oct. 8 · This was taken today, the day after his fire, NICK NOLTE at Starbucks in malibu. Looking actually in very good spirits. he was with the guy in the tank top.

· Just walked past MARIO LOPEZ inside Equinox in WeHo... Surprisingly, he was wearing a shirt. Sunday, Oct. 5 · TOM CAVANAGH, TV's "Ed", with his wife and children on AA flight 185 from JFK to LAX. · I began my day by watching old movies on cable, on of which was Intersection (1994, Richard Gere, Sharon Stone, Lolita Davidovich). Fast foward, same day, Bristol Farms Beverly Hills, 4:07 (I looked at my receipt). I picked up a few things and am standing on line at checkout and looking at this woman in the next checkout over thinking, hmmm, that woman looks like SHARON STONE and it was. We both ended up leaving at the same time and I told her about my movie morning and she laughed and said "How funny!" I asked her how she was doing (why, I don't know) she replied "Good!" and then I told her how great she looked and she smiled and thanked me. So pleasant and nice. Then in the parking lot, I neary dropped my bag as no less than 3 paps jumped at her and clicked away. One helped her with her bags to her new back Bentley convertible.... She did nothing but smile, thank and wave. And that was the day I lost my paparazzi virginity, with Sharon Stone. I need a cigarette. Saturday, Oct. 4 · All at the Swell Season show at the Greek: CHRISTINE TAYLOR, HANK AZARIA, JEREMY SISTO. I'm glad they all have good taste in music. Glen and Marketa had just recorded their voices for The Simpsons the day before so that's probably why Hank was there. No Matthew Perry tho? He's been at every single Swell Season/Frames show I've seen in the past year. Thursday, Oct. 2 · Saw everyone’s favorite Hipster Hobbit ELIJAH WOOD at the Sigur Ros at The Greek on Thursday night. I’ve read he’s got great taste in music, so this is no real surprise. Tuesday, Sept. 30 · I saw JOEL MADDEN getting coffee in Westwood early this morning. At first I didn't notice, but Nicole Richie was also there with their baby. She was dressed casually and was super tiny. I'm not tall, but I was definitely taller than him as well. Once Madden got his coffee they quickly disappeared. All I could figure was that they were taking the baby for a check up at the medical center. Sunday, Sept. 28 · Spotted MILEY CYRUS at the Grove. She was with two girl friends and she surprisingly didn't look troll-like at all. And in fact looked her age. Thursday, Sept. 25 · I was on Brooks avenue in venice this past Thursday, when who do I see getting out of his car a full block and a half from Abbot Kinney? It's the fat kid from Stand By Me (JERRY O'CONNELL), and boy did he look nervous. He parked his car, walked down the block, then went back to his car. Strange behavior in a residential neighborhood two hundred yards from Abbot Kinney. It was a at about 2:30 and there was plenty of parking on Abbot Kinney, so I figured he didn't want anyone seeing him getting out of his car here. Strange behavior, but as he walked past me in his skinny jeans and sunglasses, I said "Hey," and he ignored me. Now I know he's a long way from Calabasas, but here in Venice, it's not that unusual seeing actors and it's even less unusual to see B-grade TV actors married to hot babes. So, he should smile and say hello. However he acted nervous, and with the missus pregnant with Twins, one has to wonder what he's doing so far from home, acting stressed. Hey — wasn't he the star of Tomcats?