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• Paris Hilton reportedly broke up with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt after she saw him partying with a "Texas beauty queen" named Kendhal Beal. The heiress responded by throwing a fit (and some fruit and ice in Beal's direction). But don't you worry about Paris. She's got her dependable sister by her side. And she's already moved on to someone new, namely soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. [P6, People]
• Madonna will be performing her Kabbalah rituals today with an extra bit of enthusiasm: Malawi's highest court has overturned its previous ruling and has granted her adoption of Mercy James. Justice to the people! [DM]
• Dr. Drew Pinsky of Celebrity Rehab is offering Lindsay Lohan six figures to appear on his VH1 reality show. But only because he cares deeply about her well-being, not because he's interested in ratings or anything. [NYP]

• Rihanna and Chris Brown both turned up at the NBA Finals in Orlando last night. But they didn't sit together, which is a good thing because that would have been a little bit awkward, you know? [P6]
• Heidi Pratt will be appearing (clothed) in the Sept. issue of Playboy. [People]
• Usher and Tameka Foster are reportedly in the process of divorcing. [NYDN]
• Is Prince William going to ask girlfriend Kate Middleton to marry him? "He has to," explains Cindy Adams today, who also says that Middleton is both very dumb and very crafty. [NYP]
• Brett Michaels has more to say about the terribly grievous injuries he sustained at the Tony awards the other night. [People]
• Chastity Bono is having a sex change, in case you care. [TMZ]
• Silda Spitzer threw a birthday party the other night for hubby Eliot. [P6]
David Letterman seems to have found a good way to keep up buzz as he faces off against Conan: He's been playing up his feud with Sarah Palin. [NYDN]
• Did you know Gwyneth Paltrow refers to Billy Joel as "William." Quaint! [EW]