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• It looks like it's over for Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. Please excuse us while we go get a big box of tissues; we really weren't mentally prepared for news this upsetting this morning. [People, Sun]
• A couple of weeks ago, it was Gwynnie Paltrow who was getting blamed for setting A-Rod up with Kate Hudson. Now real estate "superagent" Adam Modlin is taking credit for brokering the transaction. Go figure. [NYDN]
• Maybe Kanye West and Amber Rose didn't break up, after all. Or maybe they did break up, but they're spending a lot of time together anyway? It's a mystery, really. [P6]
• Coco Rocha is not going to be an intern at Vogue this summer. She's just spending a lot of time there so she can "learn more about the business." [WWD]

• LA prosecutors have subpoenaed Rihanna to appear in court to testify in the assault case against Chris Brown. [People]
• Carrie Prejean was stripped of her crown yesterday by Donald Trump; now she's firing back at being fired. Or something. [Us, People, TMZ]
• Emily Blunt does not like talking to reporters about her dating life. [NYDN]
• New pics of David Carradine in Thai tabloids depict him wearing what appear to be fishnets and a wig. [NYDN]
• Not wearing a wig? That would be Phil Spector, who was carpet-less when he was photographed by the cops just before going into prison last week. [NYDN]
50 Cent is launching a cologne called "Power by Fifty Cent." [Stylewatch]
• Lindsay Lohan's dad won't be prosecuted for aggravated harassment if he keeps himself out of trouble for the next year. Like that will happen! [AP]
• Mel and Robyn Gibson have moved to keep their finances confidential as part of their ongoing divorce case. [TMZ]
• Patricia Clarkson can get a little overly emotional at times, clearly. [P6]
• Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant. And Hugh Hefner is thrilled. [People]
• Rumor has it Vera Wang has signed on to appear on the next season of Dancing With the Stars, believe it or not. [E!]