• It's only been a week since Conan took over the top-rated Tonight Show, but David Letterman has already passed over him in the ratings. [NYT]
• Also: Dave Letterman's new contract will keep him at CBS through '12. [LAT]
• Yesterday the Boston Globe's largest union rejected the New York Times Co.'s proposed package of cuts. The NYT responded by implementing a 23 percent pay cut anyway and now the union is taking the matter to court. [NYT]
• Ratings are down for CNN's Lou Dobbs. And thank God for that. [NYO]
• It's official: Ari Emanuel is the new Mike Ovitz! Both the New York Times and The Daily Beast invoke Ovitz's name in lengthy pieces on "the pre-eminent power player in Hollywood" and "Hollywood's new don." [NYT, TDB]
• Sound the alarms! Swine flu has returned to Condé Nast! [Daily Intel]

Magazines don't really know if the public pays any attention to the ads that flash in front of their eyes, but they're hoping to change that. [NYT]
• USA Today is launching a paid edition of the paper for e-readers. [E&P]
Craigslist is on track to make $100 million this year. [NYT]
Microsoft's new search engine, Bing, is off to a big start. [PC]
The Wall Street Journal has named Rebecca Blumenstein and Almar Latoura to run the paper's website and editorial operations in Asia, respectively. [E&P]
A Q&A with Playboy's new CEO, Scott Flanders. [Folio]
The NYPD is investigating a Fox News writer with, uh, anger issues. [Gawker]