In addition to her formidable vagina-kicking prowess, airport brawler Nikki Blonsky has quite a way with the race card as well. After shoveling vague bromides on ET about her and her family's fight with the Bianca Golden clan (for which Blonsky and her father face up to five years in jail), the Hairspray star finally responded to Golden's own recent testimony about what happened that day in Turks and Caicos. And this just in: Golden calls her a liar! Help us make sense (or something) of it all after the jump.So far we can all agree that each family's hard-earned Caribbean respite ended with a collision at the Providenciales International Airport, where the Blonskys were holding seats at the departure gate. The Goldens objected, and the B-list shit the the D-list fan:

Things took a nasty turn, she says, when she asked Bianca not to point her finger in her face. "That's when she stood up, pulled her arm all the way back and said, 'Fuck you, you white bitch.' And she closed her fist and punched me," says Blonsky.

And what of the epithets, crotch-kick and suckerpunch that Golden told Tyra Banks laid out her mother with a fractured skull? "Absolute lies," Blosnky insists. Right on cue, Inside Edition mere minutes ago speed-dialed Golden for her reply, which went about the way you'd expect, with a denial she ever punched Blonsky and the unequivocal confirmation, "I witnessed Nikki Blonsky take her foot and kick my mom in her lower abdomen." (The broadcast airs tonight, hooray.) Of course, "Tracy Turnblad" was in fact "decked out" by someone in the Golden gang, if the videotaped play-by-play is to be believed. And for the "crotch" to suddenly become the "lower abdomen" (People reported it as the "groin," but a low blow is a low blow) implies a conspicuous change in Golden's story that will be duly noted by our own legal observers at Defamer HQ, not to mention the tropical island judge who will hear the case later this winter. We'll likely next pick this one up at that time, lest our scorecards' clutter inhibit the justice sure to come.