Want to know the ultimate putdown in Silicon Valley? Calling someone a "good manager." Organizational competence is a necessary commodity; risk-takers, entrepreneurs, "visionaries" are the ones who get the glory, the press, and the outsized financial returns. With that in mind, read this excerpt from an interview Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg conducted with the Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung, Germany's leading business newspaper, as an exercise in damning with faint praise:

FAZ: Can you please describe your cooperation with Sheryl Sandberg? Mark Zuckerberg: She is an excellent manager. She is very good in building our international organization. I'm focused on the direction of the company, especially of the product development, and the overall strategy. I spend a lot of time working with engineers and product developers. We work together hand in hand. FAZ: Who is the boss? Mark Zuckerberg: Me!

That should make things clear — to Sandberg, most of all. Charitably, Silicon Alley Insider wonders if something was lost in translation. Nah. Zuckerberg is this blunt and awkward in English, too. (Photo by Christian Thiel/FAZ)