MTV's worst-kept rumor has finally been confirmed: eternally OMG-faced Whitney Port (seemingly the most normal member of The Hills) has gotten her own NYC spinoff show, The City. According to Us, "Port, now a Diane Von Furstenberg employee, reunites with 'a best friend from her past' and meets 'a guy she's head-over-heels for.'" Translation: MTV provides Port with brand-new, camera-ready pals (including NYC socialite Olivia Palermo) and a carefully focus-grouped boyfriend! Paparazzi snaps of Port filming have strongly suggested that the teased love interest is Aussie musician Jay Lyon, who already has one ignoble celebrity relationship on his resume:

According to the Daily Telegraph, Port's new on-screen boyfriend was consorting with Tara Reid (above) less than a year ago. We're a little bit concerned that Whit-Whit is picking up the American Pie star's sloppy seconds, but In Touch reports that Port is actually canoodling off-screen with terrible new At the Movies host Ben Lyons. Who would Whitney be better suited for: the despoiler of Roger Ebert's hard-earned legacy, or the man who has touched Tara Reid's no-no place? With options like those, Whitney might be better served pulling a Lindsay. [Photo Credit: X17]