No doubt these are sad times. The economy is crashing and burning in a terrific, America-changing (oh and probably the rest of the world too) flameout. No image—not a hobo running for a boxcar, not a Dorothea Lange migrant mother pensively contemplating the fate of all things—captures the ruinous emotions of the past several weeks than sad stock market floor traders. Yes those poor suited men and women who clutch their faces in utter shock and disbelief, flashes of years spent (and maybe wasted) trudging through business school running through their minds as the numbers plunge and plunge. We've a chief compiler of these images in Sad Guys On Trading Floors, a Tumblr blog of woe and despair. After the jump we've put together a gallery of our favorite devastating photos. Poor guys. All images from Sad Guys On Trading Floors, and there are lots more on that site. And has a gallery too.

Wait, what's lower than zero?

Huh. Gum. On the ceiling.

Well, there goes state school for Jimmy.

If I hold my mouth shut, maybe the money won't come out.

We spent how much on Cristal last month?

Omigod I think I'm gay. And broke. Definitely broke.

Fuck it!

Son of a bull bear.

I wonder if they sell Dubai flag shirts.

On top of all this a tick bite?

The last aria in Aida.

No dentist now...

So... very... tired

How much do guns cost?

Carry the one...and...yup. Yup. I'm fucked.

I'm from Belgium.

Where's my contact lens? And all my money?


I too am from Belgium.

Look! Look! A plus sign! Oh, wait no. Nope. Just a bug.

I should not have had that tuna nicoise.

Hi mom? Can you get your exercise stuff out of my old room?