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• The feud between Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant has gone from bad to worse. After tussling with Brant's bodyguards last week, Seymour was issued a summons on Saturday after she "yanked the keys out of a Brant-hired security guard's car, threw them in the bushes, and then used her Range Rover to block the driveway of the couple's Greenwich estate." Just imagine what's going to happen when the two actually face one another in court. [NYP]
• Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson appear to have reunited. Enjoy it while it lasts! If history is any guide, by this time next week, the couple will have had another messy brawl, LiLo will be melting down on Twitter, and Sam will be running off to another foreign country to get away from her. [Sun, People]
• Madonna has managed to "convinced" three appeal judges in Malawi to let her appeal baby Mercy, or so says the Telegraph of London. [Telegraph]

• LuAnn de Lesseps was spotted "drinking, dancing and making out with a young guy in his late 20s." So basically the Countess is up to the usual. [NYDN]
• Chris Brown must be concerned about Rihanna fans jumping him at any moment: He's surrounded by bodyguards wherever he goes. [P6]
• Ed Westwick would like to make it abundantly clear that he's not fat. [Us]
• Tensions appear to be rising on the set of Robin Hood with Russell Crowe and director Ridley Scott "squabbling like a couple of gladiators." [P6]
American Idol's Adam Lambert has inked a record deal, as expected [People]
• Sacha Baron Cohen is looking for a new home in London. [Sun]
• Lenny Dykstra's Rolls-Royce may have been repossessed. [TMZ]
• Paris Hilton's 13 dogs live in a miniature version of her own Beverly Hills mansion. Just in case you were wondering about that. [DM]
• Finally, the pot leaf tattoo on the back of newly-sober Steve-O has been transformed into a palm tree, just in case you were wondering about that. [Us]