Yesterday some of you were flummoxed by the gay NFL star and his gay actor boyfriend, but some of you guessed that it was Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Kwame Harris and, um, some skinny white dude. Today we have a celeb who must be chaperoned by his wife when out in public, a drunken cougar, and a gay third wheel who may become less of a third wheel. 1) "Which celeb is only allowed out to award shows if he's chaperoned because his wife doesn't trust him? The young stallion said he doesn't even trust himself after a glass of champers" [Mirror] 2) Crazy old-timey blind item here. 3) "Whose friends are begging her to go back to rehab? This over-35 celeb was sober for a long time, but she has started drinking again and can’t seem to restrain herself from picking up every young boy in town. She thinks her random hook-ups are funny, and prove to her ex that she has moved on. Her friends, however, think that her activities are desperate, creepy, and downright dangerous." [BlindGossip] 4) "That picture-perfect Hollywood couple may want to have their hunky friend walk a little further behind them. Word’s getting around that he’s the actor’s boyfriend, but apparently the actress is cool with it." [NY Daily News via BlindGossip]