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• Despite what you may have read in the tabloids the past few weeks, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not splitting up and remain truly, deeply, madly in love. So if you've spent sleepless nights worrying about that, hopefully Jolie's publicist's soothing words will finally put your mind at ease. [Us]
• Speaking of Angie, Forbes has named her the most powerful celebrity on the planet, so she's got that going for her, which is nice. [Forbes]
• And speaking of Brad, you may be interested to know what his "secret" is to avoiding odors when he's on the set of a movie and doesn't have time to shower: baby wipes, apparently. It's also a slow news day, apparently. [NYDN]
Christina Ricci and Owen Benjamin have called off their engagement. [Us]

• If you've been following the British tabloids, you may have read that Michael Jackson is suffering from some horrible form of cancer and is getting sicker by the day. Those same gossip rags now report he's stopped eating and is now just 100 pounds, for what it's worth. [Sun]
• Lindsay Lohan is in London where she's supposedly been seen "shadowing" ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson around town. [DM]
• Bethenny Frankel insisted on shoving a copy of her crappy diet book in Caroline Kennedy's face at a party the other night. [NYDN]
• A group of models had to be restrained from kicking Kristin Cavallari's butt after she threw some glitter at them while they were walking down the catwalk at a fashion show. [P6]
• Mel Gibson's divorce will probably be a very messy one. [TMZ]
• Is Kim Kardashian engaged to Reggie Bush? Do you care? [Us]
Derek Jeter says he isn't engaged either, for your information. [NYDN]
• Ashley Dupre was spotted dancing at a club in South Beach with a bunch of her girlfriends and "ignoring the many guys vying for her attention." [P6]
• Designer Isabel Toledo is a fave of Michelle Obama, of course. But she wouldn't object to designing some duds for Bo, the First Dog, either. [NYDN]