Yesterday you guys guessed that the nose-damaged cocaine head indie actor was Brooklyn resident Peter Sarasgaard. I hope it's not true! His daughter is a baby and cute to look at. Today we have a hunk who's embarrassed by some photos, a secretly gay actor dating a player in the NFL, and people who are skipping work. 1) "Which hunk is furious after a glamour girl set him up for a raunchy photoshoot? The hotty wants to be taken seriously as a TV personality but was fuming after he was pounced on by the busty blonde." [Mirror] 2) "Think Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian are the only ones with NFL boyfriends? Well, I think you are forgetting about one very important C+ actor on a hit network drama who leaves his wife and kids every weekend to go cheer on his boyfriend who is on an NFL west coast team." [CDaN] 3) "Who is calling in sick to work and giving a fake excuse? Everyone! One is hooked on an extremely addictive prescription drug. One is experiencing severe post-breakup depression. One is pregnant, but will not be announcing anytime soon. And, finally, one is genuinely ill but will recover fully and will be back to work soon." [BlindGossip]