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Remember when The Fashion Show debuted on Bravo a few weeks ago and everyone was all like, "It's a total ripoff of Project Runway!" and Bravo was all like "It is not! It's totally original," but nobody was buying it? Yea, well, since that argument hasn't worked out too well, the show hasn't exactly soared in the ratings, and Project Runway's debut is fast approaching, it looks like it's time to take a different approach.

Fern Mallis appears willing to concede that the shows are similar, but who says you can't have two identical programs on the air at the same time?

I mean how many medical and hospital shows are there on television? How many legal shows are there? How many police dramas are there? You know there's room for more than one of a particular genre of programming.

Mark Cuban and Richard Branson might beg to differ, but presumably we'll just have to watch what happens.

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