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Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman got married back in 2007. But the couple only went on a honeymoon very recently. After badgering him for more than two years, Georgina says Harvey finally gave in and the two jetted off to Asia for a 10-day vacation. It didn't turn out to be much of a vacation, unfortunately:

We went to Hong Kong for business, Vietnam for business, Cambodia for one day and then Thailand for three days, during the state of emergency... I think the most relaxing time was the 16-hour flight from New York.

Naturally, Harvey doesn't quite see it that way. ("Every day with me is a honeymoon, he explains.) And traveling with Georgina isn't much fun either:

Traveling with Georgina—are you kidding me? That's why you don't want to go on a honeymoon—there are like seven bags filled with Marchesa dresses. You have to be Samson and Hercules to carry that stuff. She's easy to travel with, but she has all those dresses because people expect her to wear a different dress all the time.

This relationship is going swimmingly, isn't it?

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