The United States Treasury has selected the man whose job is to save our nation's finances by leading the government bailout of Wall Street: a 35-year-old AC/DC lover. Oh that's just great US government, just great. The whole entire media is scrambling to come up with enough background on the guy to fill up a feature story, and it's rough going. We've condensed every salient interesting fact about Neel Kashkari, the unblinking anointed guardian of your money, in a handy guide, after the jump:

  • "The ex-Goldman Sachs vice president lives in the pleasant Washington, DC suburb with wife, Minal, 32, and their enormous brown shaggy Newfoundland dog, Winslow - named after former Browns star tight end Kellen Winslow."
  • "His high school yearbook is filled with quotes he chose from rock bands like AC/DC and Rush."
  • "Kashkari is a 1991 graduate of Western Reserve Academy, a private college prep boarding and day school."
  • "Prior to his career in finance, Mr. Kashkari was a R&D Principal Investigator at TRW in Redondo Beach, California where he developed technology for NASA space science missions such as the James Webb Space Telescope."
  • An anonymous and totally unsubstantiated HuffPo commenter says he's a right-wing woman-hater! "This person and I have a mutual friend. We were at an event last year. A few of us sat outside that evening, to chat. My Significant Other and I joined him, his wife, and another couple. Oddly, they were at 2 tables, segregated by gender. The women talked weather. The guys talked politics. Kashkari starts dogging Hillary Clinton. He said "I'd never vote for her because I don't think women should be president." Verbatim. My SO told me this, and I heard part of it, as I was sitting nearby. The other women were oblivious. My SO defended women, but Kashkari wouldn't have it. He insisted women should never be leaders. Kashkari's own SO said earlier, that although she had a career, "I basically follow Neel around wherever he goes." Verbatim. Kaskhari then said global warming doesnt' exist. He said wind energy is stupid. And he would look up things on his Blackberry whenever my SO said something, to prove him wrong. Because he didn't like non GOPs, he later went to our mutual friend and said my SO had talked about being abducted by aliens. Yes, Neel Kashkari said this, in an attempt to attack someone he disagreed with."

And that's just about everything that the entire media has been able to come up with! Email us if you know more about Mr. Kashkari. I sure hope he's good with money things.