Depression sex! No, not because you're depressed—because the economy is! As in, "the world is falling apart around us, let's cling together because we could all die and/or lose our jobs tomorrow." Remember the spate of hookups and reunited lovers post-9/11? This is a little like that. When the going gets desperate... the desperate turn to the Craigslist casual encounters.1.) Standard layoffs. Finance and Wall Street types, bored and sad in their apartments.

2.) Hustling. This is what Craigslist is all about, recession or not. Tough times just give it an extra sense of urgency. Oct 5 - YOUNG DUDES FEELING THE RECESSION? - m4m - 25 - (rockland/all over) Oct 6 - ANY FEMALES NEED EXTRA CASH IN THIS RECESSION - w4w - (BRONX) 3.) Desperate threats disguised as personals! These have nothing to do with the recession, by the way. Dudes are just using a news hook to instill fear—much like the ads recruiting hustlers.

The economy is worsening and this isnt the time to be single with no clue on how to survive the recession. I have a myspace page you have to read if you want to take that first step to changing your life for the better.

4.) Sugar baby needed: The economy's bad! You need someone to take care of you.

Laid off from Wall Street? - Have lunch ($$) on me - m4w - 30 (midtown) I just heard Playboy is looking for Women of Wall Street, trying to find hotties who have been laid off from the investment banks. I'm also in finance, but still have a job thankfully. How about this offer - if you've been laid off, perhaps we can have a lunch date in my bed, along with a $1000 donation for you. Serious replies please. Only professional women (I'll ask to see your ID card).

(If being paid doesn't make you feel like a whore, showing your ID card beforehand definitely will.) 5.) Sugar daddy needed. The economy's bad! I need a man to take care of me.

"OH WHAT THE HELL - EVERYONE IS DOING IT ANYWYAY - w4m - 32" Here goes: looking for a benefactor relationship with one generous man - no drama/stds or CL addicts. Reason for looking for such relationship: Was laid off like so many other people. So why not the new trend of benefactor relationship where the arrangement is clear from the beginning and no drama while I sort my job situation out as the economy rebounds. (If you have never been laid off and frustrated you may not understand this and please don't email me with a lecture - men who have been down and out will understand this more than men who have never been through such times.)

Finally, here's a thoughtful young man we won't get along with:

"I'm looking for someone possessed of a sharp intellect that I can converse with. a brooding sense of humor is a plus, as long as it isn't composed solely of snarky pointed remarks at the expense of others. gallows humor is what I'm talking about here. this is a 'depression,' after all, isn't it?"

Yes, it certainly is.