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Ron Perelman already has a hand in the restaurant business: He's an investor in Graydon Carter's Monkey Bar and he also happens to own the building that houses Carter's Waverly Inn. But he has a new venture in the works! He's reopening the Blue Parrot, the margarita bar/restaurant in East Hampton that's been closed since 2006. Ralph Lauren had originally planned to take over the space; when his plans fell through, Perelman swooped in. And he's assembled quite the team to give the venue another lease on life.

The first person Perelman recruited to join Team Ron was art dealer-to-the-stars Larry Gagosian. Restaurateur Andrew Chapman—who happens to be the brother of Perelman's girlfriend, Anna Chapman—then joined the group to add a little professional dining experience. To add a little star power, Perelman recruited boldface investors like Jon Bon Jovi ("he and Perelman, a drummer, have jammed together") and Renée Zellweger.

As for what the Blue Parrot will be like when it reopens, it won't take any reservations, margaritas will run $9, and dishes will cost between $6 and $27. Also? Don't expect to see many Jews there:

As a modern Orthodox Jew, Perelman has dietary restrictions. "I don't eat swordfish or sturgeon or caviar or fish grilled next to meat, but I do eat other fish, and we are going to have cheese dishes, what are they called? Quesadillas. There will be a whole section on the menu. I don't think Jews like Mexican food that much, but a lot of people are vegetarians."

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