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There's a silver lining for couples struggling to procreate: The fertility industry, which has been hit hard by the abysmal economy, is now offering discounts! Faced with rapidly diminishing numbers of people seeking in vitro treatments, doctors are slashing prices and doling out coupons for their services. A year or two ago, a typical treatment might run $15,000 or more; now you, too, can have a child for the low, low price of $6,600. They're practically giving these babies away!

Do be careful, though, if you weren't planning to have a kid but now find yourself suddenly tempted by the two-for-one flyer slipped under your apartment door. (No, they haven't actually resorted to such a tactic yet, but there's still time.) Shaving a few thousand off treatment can dry up pretty quickly when you factor in the expense of food, education, and the inevitable therapy that results from bringing new life into this cold, cruel world.