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• Are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick planning to leave the West Village behind? That's what Britain's Daily Mirror is reporting today, although the story seems to be based on the fact a moving truck happened to be parked outside the couple's townhouse yesterday (maybe Broderick was just rid of some old furniture?), so you may want to take the news with a grain of salt. [DM]
Mariah Carey had some issues with her stylist in Cannes last week. But she walked away with "millions of free diamonds" when she stopped off in Turkey this past weekend, so hopefully that made up for the inconvenience. [P6]
Kanye West says he doesn't read books or have any respect for books. But he's just written one that he'd really like you to buy and read. [Reuters]
• Mike Tyson's 4-year-old daughter, Exodus Tyson, died yesterday following her treadmill accident on Monday. [Us]

• More trouble for Lindsay Lohan's already troubled day: Michael Lohan was arrested last month after he allegedly threatened to kill his fiancée. And he's more than $12,000 behind in child support, too. [P6]
• Paris Hilton is laughing off reports that she and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were kicked off a yacht in Cannes for hooking up in the bathroom. [Us]
• Katherine Heigl may have asked for a bit too much cash for a role in a romantic comedy, which is why negotiations with the "diva" fell through. [P6]
• Gisele Bunchen was overheard "screaming" about the rodent problem on Morton Street the other day. Poor thing. [P6]
• Kim Kardashian isn't sure when she and Reggie Bush are going to get engaged, but she's shopping for rings anyway. [E!]
• Angie and Brad's relationship is on the rocks, haven't you heard? [DM]
Al Pacino will play the role of Dr. Jack Kevorkian in a new HBO movie directed by Barry Levinson. [Variety]
• Can you believe Mandy Moore's married? Yea, well, neither can she. [People]
• Meg White married guitarist Jackson Smith in Nashville on Friday. [People]
• Kelly Bensimon was really rude at a book party the other day. The event was in honor of Lisa Rinna, though, so we'll call it a wash. [P6]