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It's been more than six months since Giuseppe Cipriani has stepped foot in the United States, either because he's "exploring new business ventures" in places like Turkey and Dubai, or because he's convinced he faces serious legal trouble if he returns to NYC, depending on which side of the story you choose to believe. But his fading collection of eateries hasn't been neglected, you'll be pleased to hear. Sons Maggio and Ignazio have stepped in to fill Giuseppe's shiny Gucci loafers!

If you haven't been following the family saga, it's been a tumultuous couple of years for the Cipriani clan. In 2007, Giuseppe and dad Arrigo pleaded guilty to evading $10 million in taxes. Last year, the family came close to losing its liquor licenses, although they managed to settle the matter with the State Liquor Authority as part of a controversial deal that involved the Ciprianis paying a $500,000 fine. In February, they lost the lease to the Rainbow Room after failing to pay rent to Rockefeller Center's landlord, Tishman Speyer. Over the past few months, they've had issues with paying vendors. Most recently, a former chef sued the company for failing to pay him overtime.

Not that any of that seems to be fazing Giuseppe's two sons, Maggio (age 19) and Ignazio (21), who, the Post reports, "have been handed the keys to the empire" and are now "living like kings." The duo reside in neighboring one-bedroom apartments at 55 Wall Street, the luxe building co-owned by the Cipriani family; they're "chauffeured by private car every morning" to their office in Midtown; they "break for lunch at Harry Cipriani on Fifth Avenue"; and they "rendezvous on the swanky upstairs balcony at Cipriani Downtown to unwind" every evening.

What about all their dad's problems? "We weren't involved in the company during all that," explains Ignazio, who also has little to say about his arrest a few months ago after he allegedly beat up a chauffeur outside the Manhattan nightclub 1OAK. They will, however, talk about where they eat and hang out, although the answer probably won't surprise you.

Where do they like to eat?
"Cipriani," they answer.
Where do they hang out?
"Usually, Cipriani," they agree, returning to their food.

Let's all hope the family's crumbling restaurant empire remains solvent. If not, these guys are liable to starve!

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